Film & Video

– Writer for JTS Entertainment (2012-current)
– Creative Executive for
Social Construct Films (2013-2017)
– Creative Consultant for Queen B. Film Hive (2015-2017)
– Production Coordinator for Cat Fly Film Fest (2017-2018)
– Member of Atlanta Film Society (2017-2018)
– Investor / Shareholder of Legion M (2017-current)

– Content Coordinator for TEDxAsheville (2015) live event
– Production Assistant on SUMMER IN THE CITY (2015) directed by Eddy Gudakov
– Production Assistant on SUB ROSA (2015) directed by Chris White
– Collaborator on CIRCUS PARTY (2016) web series directed by Creatrix Iz Web
– Script Supervisor on THAT CAKE (2016) directed by Bessy Adut
– Sound Recordist on THE MARK (2016) directed by André Mileti
– Writer / Producer on UPSTAGED (2016) for Asheville 48 Hour Film Project
– Writer / Director on THE REPLICA RAID (2017) by Artificial Ink
– Producer on BEATERS (2017) directed by Rome Widenhouse
– Producer on GOOD HAIR (2017) directed by Kat Dee Holly and Fray Forde
– Producer on AS ONE FLESH (2017) directed by Joe Naylor
– Associate Producer on SIDES (2017) by Trust Fall Productions
– Associate Producer on THE SONG OF SWAY LAKE (2017) directed by Ari Gold
– Writer / Producer on IT’S MY PARTY (2017) for Asheville 48 Hour Film Project
– Writer / Producer on 5% (2018) for Asheville 48 Hour Film Project
– Associate Producer on POP-POP IS DEAD (2018) by Coki Productions

– Writer / Director on THE REPLICA RAID II (TBA) by Artificial Ink
– Producer on COM·PAS·SION (TBA) by Corpening Media
– Associate Producer on GIVE AND TAKE (TBA) directed by Andrew Shearer
– Associate Producer on CULTISH BEHAVIOR (TBA) directed by Sam Coppage
– Script Supervisor on BUSTER BUSINESS (TBA) directed by Gunner Willis
– Co-Writer on VIREALITY (TBA) directed by James Strecker