PROJECT BURGLARY // short film

I recently reunited with the crew responsible for UPSTAGED, our entry in the Asheville 48 Hour Film Festival, on a new short film I’ll call Project Burglary for now. The story involves an art thief who finds himself in a surreal, Sci-Fi situation, which is played to its full effect using extreme dutch angles, the black and white aesthetic, and artificial sound via foley.

project_burglaryImage by @madsrich

Project Burglarly starred actor Jeff Ryan Alexander (The Inspectors / Transplanting / Office Christmas Party) with John Duper Morse as his body double and crew including myself (Director), Rome Widenhouse (Director of Photography), Madeleine Richardson (1st AD), Cat Wityk (Script Supervisor), and Brittany Jackson (Gaffer). The short was shot on Monday 9/26 in the living room of the Widenhouse residence in Woodfin, NC.

I adapted this piece from a project I shot for a class at UNC Asheville in 2011 and chose to revisit the concept since the previous version was never completed. The cameraman mixed up the recording button, so every time he thought we were rolling, he was actually cutting. We were left with footage involving the set up of each shot with the camera shutting off as soon as I said “Action!” Luckily I was able to recycle the footage for a documentary about the failed project later that semester.

Revisiting the concept five years later proved to go exponentially more smoothly as I was joined by much capable filmmakers. I wrote roughly three new drafts of the 2-page script after important creative feedback from Rome and Cat, incorporating more unifying moments and symbolism, including a painting of the Ouroboros created by Rome Widenhouse, which you can see getting destroyed in the Instagram video below.

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Project Burglary has now entered post-production, edited by Madeleine Richardson. After picture lock, we will begin to create the foley sounds and ambient soundtrack. Expect an announcement with Project Burglary’s official title and its accompanying plans for release by the end of the year.

SUMMER IN THE CITY // short film

Last year, I had the pleasure of participating on the set of SUMMER IN THE CITY, a short film written by Eddy Gudakov and Adam Rudd about a young man taking care of his aging father in the loneliness of the country. The film stars actors Nico Sexton, Blaque Fowler, and Victoria Springer. SUMMER IN THE CITY was shot in late April 2015 at an old country home in Tryon, NC.

We were lucky to have an all-star crew onboard consisting of filmmakers MJ Slide (1st AD), Max Gudakov (DP and Editor), Justin Robinson (1st AC), Tyler Wade (Sound Recordist), Bessy Adut (Script Supervisor), and Latia Curtis (Makeup) with Production Assistants Chaz Scovel, Fray Forde, Peter Donahue and myself.

SUMMER IN THE CITY recently screened in Los Angeles over the weekend of August 12, 2016 at two prominent film festivals: an official selection at Marina del Rey and Raleigh Studios in Hollywood.